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Application of digital marketing in various industries

Businesses have to take various decisions every day and digital marketing plays a vital role in this decision making part. Recent studies have shown that Digital marketing is helping industries in getting Good Returns on investment (ROI).

Digital marketing allows businesses to manoeuver their marketing campaigns, establish enduring relationships, Target and reaching the right audience and optimise their business brand.

Digital marketing and advertising is dominating currently and in future as well.

Many of the companies going for digital advertising since it is the era of smartphones and the internet every single person has their own mobile phone with a working net connection and businesses can target them specifically according to their actions on the web.

So, companies are irrespective of their field implementing digital marketing in their business module to get successful ROI and on the other hand, it is digital marketing very affordable to implement in businesses.

With the help of digital marketing companies can utilise multiple channels like emails, Social media, Blogs and vlogs etc.

We all know the need for marketing is in every business whether it is the pharmaceutical business or the fashion industry because at the end of the day it’s all about customers. Companies have to reach customers to offer them their products and services, Then only they will generate profit.

Below are some industries where digital marketing applies:


1. Health industry 

health website

All of us nowadays order medicines online companies like 1mg, Apollo, Phareasy, Practo are common. We can order health products with a click by just uploading prescription of our medicines some of them does not require a prescription.

If something is online digital marketing is always behind it because to sell their products and services they need digital marketing for example pharma companies sent e-mails with discount vouchers to customers.

We are using online medical services the most whether we are searching for any offline hospital on google or booking them online.

In fact, we can book lab tests online nowadays with the help of applications and companies target customers by offering them discount coupons.

Big and small hospitals both are giving their website work to digital marketing companies to optimize their website so customers can easily access it without any hassle and know about the services which they are offering.

2. Education industry

education ind

After COVID-19 education sector migrated online than it is before COVID-19. 

Students classes have been conducting online since then and coaching websites like BYJUS, Courses, Upgrad and Unacademy offering various kinds of courses online.

So the need for Dig. marketing in the education sector plays a very crucial part.

Most of the colleges and schools have an online website and they hire online marketing companies to do their website word and maintain them.

Admission is happening online and fee submission as well otherwise it will be difficult for students to pay fees and fill their admission forms.

Colleges having their social media accounts to post about their services and open campus placement drive and various other things which require online marketing.

3. Food Industry

food ind

We have seen most of the restaurants having their websites where they mention their services like different cuisines and styles of food, ambience, sitting etc.

All these need to capture customer attention so they visit them.

They also require digital marketing and advertising agency to run their ads on various social media platforms and for optimization of the website.

Food ordering companies like Zomato, Swiggy, food panda etc. are utilizing the best of digital marketing to offer customers their services.

They target customers via social media and emails to convince them or give a discount as well.

4. Entertainment Industry

entertainent industry

How we can forget about the entertainment industry if we are talking about digital marketing.

TV shows, Movies, Trailers, Teasers and web series etc. need promotion and advertising. This industry is all about promotion because if movies or web series are promoted well and create buzz all over social media and the internet.

People gonna surely watch those movies and web series.

Digital channels are also important when marketers require to establish new thoughts in the brains of their patrons.

Amazon Prime is a good example of social media marketing they always make the most of the use of social media spreading the news about their latest web series.

5. Fashion Industry

fashion industry

We all have seen the fashion industry utilizing digital marketing to market their latest range of clothes with an effective marketing plan to target customers websites and companies like myntra, AJIO, Levis, HRX promoting their clothes on digital media.

We have seen clothes Ad posts on Instagram and Facebook to attract customers to buy their products, not only big but small businesses are using digital marketing to get good ROI.




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