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market research

Market Research: Methods and definition of market research


In this Type of process the determining of the viability of a new product or service by conducting direct customer research. This is the type of strategy in which enables organisations or businesses to identify their target market, gather and document feedback, and make educated decisions.

The primary goals of market research is to comprehend or evaluate the market for a specific product or service in order to predict how the target audience will react to it.

Market research has three main goals.

Typically, are three types of objectives in a market research assignment.

  • Administrative: Assist company’s or business developments by ensuring effective planning

management, and control of both people and material resources, and thus meeting all specific market needs at the appropriate moment.

  • Social: It will Provide a required product or service to meet a customer’s individual wants. When a service or products is consuming, it should meet the needs and preferences of the client.
  • Economical: Determining the degree of economic success or failure a company can have while fresh to the market, or otherwise launching new products or services, and so provide clarity to all decisions to be taken.

What is the significance of market research?

Conducting research is the one of the most effective strategies to improve customer satisfaction, lower churn, and grow your organization.

some of the reasons why the market research is crucial and should be considered by any company:

  • Customer-centric: It aid in determining what customers require and desire. Understanding the customers and their demands can help firms build products or services that best suit them. Marketing is customer-centric.
  • Forecasts: In this the Business can forecast their productions and sale by understanding their customers’ wants. Market research also assist on identifying in the best inventory goods to keep on hand.
  • Competitive advantage: Market research is a critical instrument for conducting comparative studies in order to stay ahead of the competition. Businesses can create business plans to assist them stay ahead of the competition.
Market Research Method and Example: Types of Market Research

Market research aid in reaching useful conclusion. whether an organisation or business wants to know about consumer purchase behaviour or the likelihood of people paying a given price for a product.

The types are follows, depending on the methods and tools required:

  1. Primary Market Research (Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Combination): Primary market research is a procedure in which organisations or enterprises contact end users directly or hire a third party to conduct relevant studies in order to obtain data. The informations gathered can be qualitative (non-numerical) or quantitative (numerical) (numerical or statistical data).

There are two sorts of information that can be gathering during primary market research:

  • Exploratory and specific:- Exploratory research is a type of open-ended research in which an issue is investigated by asking open-ended questioning in a comprehensive interview format. usually with a small sample of people.
  • Focus groups: this is a type of qualitative research technique that is regularly employed. A focus group is a small group of persons (6-10).

who are usually asking to participating in online surveys, This method is more expensive.

  • One-to-one interview: The name implies, this method entails human interaction in the form of an interview, in which the researcher asks the respondents a series of questions in order to gather information or data.
  • Ethnographic research: In this form of in-depth study takes place in the respondents’ natural environments. In this the strategy necessitates the interviewers adaptings to respondents’ natives surroundings, which could be city or a distant villages.

2.  Secondary Market Research: This type of market research in which makes use of data compiled by third parties such as government agencies, the media, and chambers of commerce. Newspaper, periodical, books, commercial websites, and so on. all publish this information. following are examples of secondary sources:

  • Public sources, such as libraries, are fantastic place to find free information. Government library normally provides free services, and a researcher can chronicle the material that is available.
  • Commercial sources: The commercial source is pricey, despite their reliability. Commercial source of information includes local newspaper, magazine, journals, and television.
  • Educational Institutions: In this the non-popular source of information, most colleges and educational institutions are a valuable source of data because they conduct more research projects than any other industry.

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