The Life Way

Devoid of any mass communication, “The Life Way” campaign utilized digital to reach the specific and well-defined audience that is Life Sports Club’s community. It had the following objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of Life Sports Club and showcase its community and its values by engaging with its ambassadors and their circles.
  2. Position the Life Sports Club as the go-to club for families and communities in New Cairo.

The club’s team ran after these objectives through the following tactics…

All About the Community

The following video simply, yet smoothly, conveyed the core values of Life Sports Club and the community it’s striving to build. Concisely put, it’s all about embracing diversity, being around those who inspire and motivate you, and doing life your way—that’s the essence of “The Life Way“.

People Relate to Those They Aspire To Be Like: The Digital Ambassadors Program

The digital ambassadors selected by Life Sports Club were asked to announce their nominations of who should be joining the club next. None of them were paid to do so. They only did it out of genuine belief in the club’s potential and promises.

Who They Are

These ambassadors included renowned squash legend and singer, Ramy Ashour; distinguished construction and development professionals behind Shalaby Developments, Engineers Medhat and Shady Shalaby; famed and multi-talented artist, Lara Scandar; advertising guru and athlete, Mohamed Hammady; and hospitality veteran and entrepreneur, Ayman Baky.

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All of them continue to take strides in what they do and excel at it. What’s common between all of them, in the campaign’s rationale, is that they’re each winning at life in their own way!

Their Role in “The Life Way”

Each Life Sports Club ambassador was asked to nominate five people, and each of those five people could nominate another five people, and so on. As the ripples of nominations spread out, each accepted nominee got a special gift from Life Sports Club: an elegant smartwatch to welcome them ashore!