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Digital marketing and its benefits

What is Digital Marketing and its benefits to the business?

Digital marketing is the procedure to market products and services to potential customers through the internet. It is quite similar to traditional marketing just the difference is that it happens through online medium.

Businesses use SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

(SMM) Social Media Marketing, content marketing and email marketing, vlogs, blogs.

Marketers use all these mediums and techniques to target existing and potential customers accurately.

Digital marketing ensures optimum utilization of resources and generates higher conversion rates that’s why most businesses are using digital marketing.

Below are some of the benefits of Digital marketing –


1. Worldwide Reach

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that it has eliminated all kinds of geographic restrictions.

You can open your gates internationally to any country and provide your product and services to shoppers living miles away. 

With help of digital marketing, businesses have the

opportunity to market their product and services with just a click

away and customers can know your presence in the market without digital marketing they won’t.

We all know how the global population is huge in

numbers with help of digital marketing we can reach customers specifically as well.

2. Targeting audience

Businesses are utilizing niche targeting for reaching out to

those customers who fit your eligibility criteria to target them specifically.

Targeting a particular customer whether

it is existing or potential it can be only be done via digital marketing

when the population so large in numbers.

Businesses can filter out the public according to

customer matched characters when we advertise on digital platforms and then run the ads specifically to the target audience.

For example, companies can filter customers who live in India aged between 25-40

Which is having a low income.

Digital marketing can go beyond the expectation in a very deep manner to market products and services to the customers accurately.

3. It is affordable 

Digital marketing is very much affordable and it is one of the

biggest benefits of it because, in the end, all things come to end up with monetary requirements.

Digital marketing gives wide reach with great affordability.

So it will not burden the company.

Return on investment (ROI) by using digital marketing is very much higher than when we compare it with traditional marketing.

Startup and small businesses make the most use of digital marketing to boost up their sales and they do not have to worry about their budgets.

4. A/B testing

A/B testing comes in handy when we want to test

2 different digital marketing campaigns and are

confused between them, So with the help of A/B testing,

we can run two campaigns with different creative ideas simultaneously

50-50 to your target audience and watch out for which

campaigns are running more successfully between them. 

5. Tracking metrics results

Without tracking the measurable results any company marketing strategy go waste if we can not measure the performance.

All the marketing efforts go waste if we don’t track performance and analyze the metrics

With help of google analytics and other tools, we can track digital marketing campaigns and conversion rates and can see a particular goal is achieved or not and work according to that where the company is lacking and needs improvement.

6. Conversion rates

In traditional marketing finding out where the lead got converted is next to impossible and can waste time on targeting wrong leads.

By digital marketing, this problem can be solved by targeting alike audiences to convert maximum leads.

We have seen earlier that with the help of tracking measurable we can track from where our maximum sales came from and then target customers according to that.

7. Personalization

We can send personalized messages to similar audiences where we think have a great chance of increase chances of converting them into customers. 

Customized messages make feels customer happy and remember your brand.

Email marketing is the best example of this, for example, zomato does this quite often by sending emails to customers by mentioning their names and creating a message with infographics.

8. Customer loyalty

Customer is the biggest marketers for your business.

Businesses can win customer loyalty by offering them discounts and coupons etc. and send them personalized messages.

To regain the lost customers and not let customers shift from your brand to competitors brands these things play a crucial role in this.




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