What is the promotional mix and what are its elements?

The Promotional Mix relates to the combination of different promotional tools utilised by the company to generate, manage and grow the need for goods and services.

Promotion is the one of Ps of the marketing mix which focuses on creating awareness and convince the customers to initiate the purchase of goods and services.

The Promotion Mix combines advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Public Relations, promotion, and Direct Marketing. Marketers need to identify what are the most efficacious way to inform customers and what

marketing methods need to be adopted and to whom the target and what is the budget and how to allocate the budget.

The primary objective of the promotional mix is first of all to build brand awareness but the most vital is to create organizational goals and profits.

 A promotional mix is said successful and if you accomplish to present a clear, powerful message based on the which promotion method you have used.

The elements of the promotion mix generally include-


1. Advertising 

One of the important factors in the promotional mix,

which helps in brand building and how the market sees the company, is advertising. 

Advertising always played a huge part in the promotional

mix because of the distant and broad range of advertising and the information &

the message that you can send to your present and future expected customers. 

Excellent advertising can establish a strong brand for the company. 

But if a company advertise with an incorrect message and information,

it can cause the brand and its product to fail and companies image as well brutally.

2. Personal Selling

When it comes to personal selling it is one the oldest and classical forms of promotional technique.

It involves one to one communication between buyers and consumers whether he/she is your potential or already existing customer it is considered one the most costly forms of promotion but the relationship between seller and buyer will be developed successfully.

In this seller and buyer having a face to face interaction with the primary goal to influence customers to purchase its goods and services.

3. Direct marketing

Today most people are using the internet in comparison to decades back then.

E-mail marketing, Social media marketing and Digital marketing all

are the type of direct marketing which is used by companies in this

internet era because now most of the things people purchase online.

Where advertising target mass audience direct marketing

straightly target potential customer or existing customers and sent e-mails & SMS about new product launches,

end of season sale any kind of personalised discount for particular customers and many other things. 

For example – zomato sends emails to customers when they have

not ordered food from their app for a long time and tell them

about a 60% or 50% discount specially for you only and many other food ordering companies does this. 

4. Sales promotion

Sales promotion is the common type of promotion used by businesses and their foremost purpose is to increase sales of the product and services. 

This form of promotion is advantageous to the companies to inform

customers about if companies have launched new products in the market or regain old or customers who have not shopped for a long time. 

Various coupons, vouchers, cashback, freebies and product samples etc. can be good examples of sales promotion.

Sales promotion is only for the short term to increase the sales of new or existing products.

We can see sales promotion at full pace in the festive seasons or end of the season to attract existing or potential customers.

5. Public Relations 

With the help of public relations, it allows companies to

influence the target audience by making a good and positive image of the company. 

The company tries to connect with customers and inform them

about their products and themselves and public relation department have to take responsibility

in customers provided wrong information about the companies and rebuild the public image.

The companies conduct various public relations campaigns with the

goal to have the help of all the people linked with it both directly or indirectly.

The public encompasses the suppliers, distributors, customers, employees,

shareholders, government and society all over.

Publicity is one of important the forms of public relations that the

company may practice with the aim to convey important information to the public.


Most of the companies like TATA, GAIL, Indian oil, Dabur, Unilever etc. are doing

social responsibility and joined hands with the government to support various government

campaigns for example swatch Bharat Abhiyan to build toilets in various villages and

clear up the surroundings and making eco-friendly packaging and several other things

which automatically shows a positive image of the company in the general public.


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