Importance of marketing

Why marketing is important to business and the reasons?

 Without proper and successful marketing, your business or enterprise may close down due to a shortage in sales.

Marketing is used to generate, maintain demand, reputation and relevance and more. Marketing is one of the most important activities in a company.

It is essential not just as a profit-making activity in companies but marketing also has optimistic implications that spread beyond profit-making for the business.

All the other business function does not really matter if there is no enough requirement of products and services. 

Companies financial success is dependent upon successful marketing ability.

Companies have to monitor their competition and customer very carefully and those companies who fail to do it properly they may suffer later.

So, Companies have to determine which marketing strategy is perfectly suited to them.

Here are some reasons why marketing is important to business-


1. Brand Establishment

Every business requires a brand that consumers can remember. The most convincing way of accomplishing this is by marketing. 

With the help of marketing, you can create a brand name that’s identified in the market. Every company needs a name, so people understand where to see when they need a particular product.

Branding is mainly relevant in today’s era of online businesses. If you don’t have a physical store then people can only acknowledge you if your brand is online.

Because most of the businesses is having their own websites where can know about their product and services, can purchase products online as well.

2. Effective way to Approach and engage Customers

It is important for your company to engage its consumers. Marketing is a means to keep the discussion going.

Engaging buyers is separate from promoting your offers. Engaging includes providing your consumers with appropriate information about your products and services your enterprise as well.

Businesses have familiarised with information customers about the business which they don’t know is a very interesting manner where they won’t get bored and their precious time don’t get wasted.

Social media is one of the most supreme platforms where companies can engage their consumers pretty well and business websites also need to be get up to date. 

Some companies taking the help of short videos or youtube giving their latest products to reviewers so they can review them on their youtube channels mostly nowadays in the case of mobile phones and other electronic products. 

3. It helps to boost up the sales

Advertising is not the alone approach to customers and purchase your products and services.

Marketing is very powerful today if we compared it with advertising.

 People want a trustworthy business that conceits itself on clarity and reliability.

 Marketing is a wonderful method of depicting your business as trustworthy and authentic.

When consumers happy about your products or services,  become your brand representatives without your awareness. They will spread good information about your product and services if they are happy with your products and services after that there is no doubt sales are going to increase.

But, always assure you offer them high-quality products and services to enhance your marketing attempt.


4. It helps in building relationship between customers and business

Market segmentation helps in building strong relationships based on demographics, psychographics, and consumer behaviour to target them accurately according to their requirement and if they what they are expecting you will gain their trust. 

To sustain a good relationship with people product team have to ensure that the business delivers what they are committing at the right time and make a customer loyal to your brand.

This will also make your business commercial activities smooth.

5. Marketing is a communication channel 

With the help of marketing, consumers can know about what products and services businesses are offering to them.

Marketing helps customers to get knowledge about the what is the price of the product which you are offering and what their users whether they are good as which another rival brand is offering, This additional information about your product and services will play a crucial role and it creates awareness about your brand.

There’s solid competition in the market and you will require to consistent & convince the customers.

 Inform your buyers of various discounts schemes freebies, payback offers and several other competing tricks you plan to use according to scenario whether it is the end of the season or festive season and plan your discount according to that.

Communication is very important to make your advertising and marketing efforts effective and successful.




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